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Detail of the illustration series "Rooms" by Lucifer

You can judge a book by its cover… but you can never know whether that cover was chosen to affect you on purpose…
It is at this point where I start a conversation about men’s fashion.
Fashion can anticipate social changes, like for example inclusiveness, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Fashion “oratory” is capable to talk to masses about complicated issues with the lightness of the aesthetics.
What intrigued me, is that decades of philosophizing about “freedom of individuality” haven’t changed the fact that fashion is still a surprising subject when it appears to be out of the accustomed….especially when dealing with the image of men.
The freedom that women gained in fashion liberating their masculinity while embracing suits, trousers, etc. is now absolutely assimilated, but not so much acceptance exists towards men’s wardrobe when liberating their more feminine side without instantly getting enclosed into sexual orientation frames.
I am aware of this subject very well as a consequence of my own years of experience while mixing and wearing different garments, creating my personal style. The style that shaped through matching garments from last centuries with the contemporary ones as well as wearing formal and sportswear, together with the feminine and masculine clothes.
I admit that with my outfits, I sometimes deliberately push the boundaries of social mores and preconceived notions of collective consciousness about how the manly figure should appear to be accepted and respected as a “man”.
Observing and studying multiple social reactions to diverse manifestations of masculinity I noticed the power of fashion. Fashion is an incredible tool capable to change the perception of you, of others, of a single person or even of a group. It only takes a few seconds to imprint the images that you want others to remember and this way “manipulate” them. This side of fashion awakens my curiosity and will to experiment.
I do all of that in order to redefine the “identity “of masculinity in fashion and therefore in our society.