Verde Sottobosco Bagnato

Verde Sottobosco Bagnato ( Green Underbrush Damp)

Verde Sottobosco Bagnato” is the luggage color that the great Italian actress Elena Sofia Ricci was asking for in a scene of the beautiful movie: Mine Vaganti by the Italian-Turkish filmmaker Ferzan Özpetek. When I saw the green Palomo Spain blouse I instantly thought….. I found it!!! The color was exactly the shade of green that I imagined while listening the words of the movie. The color is spectacular!

Together with history inspired shape, it is impossible to not notice the beautiful frills around the shoulders, high collar and sleeves that give an aristocracy touch for this timeless dream blouse.

Palomo Spain was capable to give a contemporary fit for this blouse that seems to be borrowed from a classical painting and that I will never get tired of wearing.

In the cover picture: I am wearing a blouse by Palomo Spain. Necklace bracelet and rings by Gucci. Fine jewelry rings by Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. Photo: Stainedjabot.

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