Surreal Times

                       Surreal times.

Back in action, at work, to meet people, building the new routine with the outside world, after months of lockdown due to the Covid-19, was surreal! I felt like a cat that stands in front of the open door… looking suspiciously at the snow for the first time. While thinking if I should put my paw on this unknown bright white mantle of snow… called the future? Other questions also “popped up” in my mind as popcorn in the pan.

Do I have to force myself to discover this new life’s territory? Or will the supposedly new world, that I am going to conquer with its new rules, push me away again in the nearest future? As The News already warned us: it will be back, the virus and together with it the new freedom prohibitions worldwide …for our own safety of course.

A have mixed feelings about this “precarious” new normality. If on one hand, I am facing tangible reality: social distances, plexiglass people dividers, masks, and body temperature sensors in office compounds and airports, on the other hand, I am witnessing something else in people… the rise of the immaterial but powerful energy called: HOPE.

I am observing carefully the people around me in the streets, asking myself what kind of Hope do they have? Which kind of hope is the one that is visible in their eyes emerging from their masked faces? I got my answer looking at people’s behavior and their looks while having only one Hope: a strong desire to forget.

To forget these months of home detentions, death reports on the news, denied hugs, eliminated rights, probations, and lost jobs.

Humanity now wants to forget. People now want to let themselves get intoxicated with the warm sun of the summer season. Let their preoccupations liquify and dry up by the hot sun rays. While waiting for the blue sea waves to swipe off the recent past.

The “History Repeating “ sang by the amazing Shirley Bassey featuring in the famous song by The Propellerheads. Wise words. In the end, humanity survived trough meteorites, pestilence, earthquakes and wars… and nothing has really changed… we are still here torturing each other with our personal and insignificant reasons and killing each other for material matters. Is this our evolution?

It is surreal and scary at the same time for me to ascertain that people want to forget while trying to do the same things. Trying to get back the life they had before.

Humanity is now waiting for the miraculous vaccine as “The Liberator”. Which will not only allegedly save us from the virus but will also preserve us from really changing something inside ourselves and therefore in our life.

But are we sure that we want back exactly the world we had before? The same: classism, racism, corruption in every field, body shaming, homophobia, poverty, malnutrition? Together with our unhappiness, frustration, and sense of injustice? Which has been the same trough ages?

We didn’t want a new world… or a better lifewe want our routines back.

Our manicure, cocktails at the bar, and fake freedom.

Sad, considering that for most people freedom only means “freedom to buy” whatever one wants. And now they can do it without leaving their homes (internet) and even without having money, they have credit cards.

If our life and our inner sense of existence are becoming only a series of routines to which we identify ourselves together with our purchases – I think we are in the shit.

We have a lot of things to learn and not only how to wash our hands against the virus.

But also learn to wash away another subtle virus: the egocentric vision of life with its naïf idea that our own life (or our routines) is more important of another person’s life. The universe doesn’t give a shit about you or me. The virus neither. My life is insignificant in the cosmos agenda just like yours. Do not take it personally.

But if we forget the last months we did not learn anything.

We did not learn that Life is in the constant transformation we like it or not. That it can suddenly change its rules leaving humanity with the only consolation and freedom …to clap from their sad balcony.

For our personal growth, we have to accept that our existence has to accompany this transformation in constant and perpetual movement. It is not enough to adapt to new routines, we have to find a new relationship with the world and a new meaning of our existence or we will just lose another opportunity. To deserve the opportunity to call ourselves humanity.



In the cover picture: I am as Jean Cocteau (a tribute to a photo by Phillipe Halsman) wearing a printed shirt, vest, pants and black leather tie by Celine, jewelry by Gucci, Sunglasses by ray-ban, Fan by Lucifer´s Guardarobe. Photo by Stainedjabot.

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