While@Home #6

This week was busy at Stained Jabot but it doesn´t matter how little time I have – there is always a little left for the art at the world wide web. My favorite online art-visits and news this week are the following:

⬆️While reading ArtDaily.com I found out about an interesting project in Croatia, Rijeka2020 European Capital of Culture. What do theater actors do during the lockdown? What creative outlet do they find? You can find a selection of works by Italian and Croatian artists that take part in Bodies On Stage project. 

☝️Blottermedia is a project by a young American artist Ofir Shoham. He adds animation on every single frame of the video (usually filmed by other Instagram users) creating amazing effects – and they are mostly on the dance videos! Just try stop watching them:D

☝️Next Friday, the Art Basel art fair is going online. After officially canceled 2020 edition of the art fair in the city of Basel we are invited to view the participating artworks online. There is also a program of studio visits, talks, and virtual walkthroughs. You only have to create an account, login and experience! I will be sharing my favorites on Instagram stories.

⬆️Have you heard about El Museo del Barrio in New York? Founded in 1969, El Museo specializes in Latin American and Caribbean art, with an emphasis on works from Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican community in New York City. Their archive is available online and you can really enrich your multicultural education there. My favorite was a video discussion about the life and legacy of abstract painter Carmen Herrera.

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