While@Home #2

Hello all:) The museums are still closed in most countries but not all, and it seems that slowly and very carefully we will be able to enjoy live art again! Meanwhile I am sharing my best finds online from the past week. I hope you enjoy. 🖖

Let´s start with a weather report. It´s about the weather in L.A. but who cares?! After 12 years, David Lynch is back describing the skies and wishing us a great day again and again. With all the important details around him at his semi-basement studio.

Report for this Sunday, temperature around 18 degrees celcius, sunny, “Have a great day!”

Real time map for museum reopenings in Europe

More good news☝️: Europe is starting to reopen its museums and NEMO are showing it on their map. Please note that the map  is showing the information about the legal permission to open but that does not always mean that the museums decide to open straight away so the individual checking on the selected museums websites is recommended. 

flying ice by olafur eliasson
My first test video with the "Wunderkammer" by Olafur Eliasson

And on the 14th of May, Olafur Eliasson together with Acute Art have launched the new project “Wunderkammer”. It is an addition to the previous AR sculptures by the artist that can be “installed” everywhere by whoever downloads the Acute Art App. I am still learning how to use it and it really is fun 😀

New Museum together with Mauricio Cattelan present Bedtime Stories

☝️ As part of its series of new digital initiatives, the New Museum presents “Bedtime Stories,” a project initiated by the artist Maurizio Cattelan. All of the participants will read a short line, a story or passage from a book they like or sometimes even created for this special occation. Iggy Pop starts the series with a letter to his dog. 

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