While@Home #1

An entire month has passed since the start of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain and in the city I live in – Barcelona. It has been a month plus one week in Italy and a little less than that in the UK and the rest of the European countries. While busy with many things one can do at home, I was rather sure that this situation will not last long and it will be possible to resume our activities soon… maybe even visit a small local exhibition… too optimistic, I get it now. The good news for everyone including the art lovers is that we still have the internet and it is more active than ever!
Below you will find a selection of art-related topics that got into my sight while diving in our largest “ocean” called Internet these past weeks. I have added links to all of them so you can comfortably  view and read:
– First is the video from the Raffaello exhibition that I wanted to visit so much in Rome. As the Scuderie del Quirinale museum is closed – here´s the closest to the real visit⬇️:

– Second: the Art Space. One of the beautiful videos shown on NOWNESS  website is about a church turned to home by an Italian photographer Massimo Vitali⬇️:

– Third: few of the museums I love visiting online even if they don´t advertise any specific online project are The National Gallery and Wallace Collection in London, however Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam wins all of the museum websites I visited recently. Apart from the high-resolution images of their enormous art collection, they are the most active ones during these weeks with additional online activities called #rijksmuseumfromhome and their virtual visit with the possibility to see the masterpieces up-close is amazing.⬇️

Fourth: because it is always a good idea to remember the Graet Ones: dance and experimental film making by Maya Deren. I love all of her remaining films. This one is a clip from Martina Kudlacek’s documentary “In the Mirror of Maya Deren” ⬇️

Fifth: this last link to arch daily is to an article written four years ago about an exhibition display created by Lina Bo Bardi decades ago and recently recreated at its original place MASP museum in São Paulo. This way of showing classical art is definitely unique!⬇️

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