When@Home #7

Happy Summer Solstice for the ones in the northern  hemisphere! My favorite time of the year for spending time outside but the art searching online is not going anywhere:) My weekly discoveries this time are the following:👇

👆Artist workplaces always seemed magical to me and so the latest online exhibition by Ordovas Gallery was a pleasant find this week. “The Artist’s Room invites you into the confines of an imagined artist’s personal space”.

👆BMW together wit Art Basel chose a new winner this week. LeeLee Chan is a Hong Kong based artist who creates sculptures inspired in the extreme urbanization of the city. BMW Art Journey take chosen artists to diverse places in the world – to research, to network, to envision and create new work. Artists showing in Art Basel’s selection for emerging artists in Hong Kong are eligible for this prize.

👆My favorite podcast 🎙️this week is from Art.uk and it is about an amazing exhibition that took place three years ago in Tate Modern – Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983. It has travelled the world successfully, educating lots of people.  I also had a pleasure to visit it in 2017 and my own notes can be found here.

📽️FYI: Experimental Cinema is an independent website dedicated exclusively to the experimental & avant-garde film. You can find a selection of new projects, reviews of related publications together with multiple channels for submitting your own creations.

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