Art Online #11

Ok , the summer 2020 is officially happening and even if you didn´t have an opportunity to leave the house the higher temperatures 🥵are still forcing you to feel it… It doesn´t matter if you are respecting social distance at your private island or in your micro balcony – enjoy the sun and the last art online update until September. Bye! 🖖

☝️Even though the health situation due to the covid19 worldwide is still fragile, the art institutions are not giving up. As informed by artnet, The Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam is opening a drive through art exhibition that will last trough the summer.

Exhibition Online: the leading contemporary art gallery Pace in London is showing “Calder, Callahan, and the Intensified Image” until the 28th of July, 2020. Two American artists, a photographer and a sculptor who each in their own way invented “uniquely modern visual idioms” are shown together in a highly educative exhibition. Nineteen works are presented with extensive descriptions and quotes by the artists. ⬆️

Recommended Instagram account: Classical Art Memes is the One! For the summer and the following months too:) Don´t expect to laugh at every one of them  – there are plenty  different ones for diverse sense of humour and the updates are daily – enjoy!😂

Art History: last night I finally watched the Miles Davis documentary (available on Netflix) which was full of enchanting trumpet music and it reminded me of a one-of-a-kind art film Elevator to the Gallows by Louis Malle. The availability of this film from 1958 is not the same in each country so I am leaving you with a trailer hoping you get curious and watch this masterpiece with an improvised soundtrack by Miles Davis.🎺

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