Art Online #10

Welcome back to Stained Jabot´s Art Online! This week I prepared you a little selection from the art scene with news, classics and some curiosities. I hope you enjoy:)🖖

⬆️In case you have some doubts, need an advise and also like digital art, I recommend you downloading the app co-comissioned by Serpentine Galleries and Moderna Museet. The artist Jenna Sutela invites you to try Magma – a machine oracle that performs divinations on our collective futures…

london art,

⬆️Artnet informs us about a beautiful public art project in London: nine silk screen prints by a Gambian-British artist Khadija Saye are on display open for everyone at the Notting Hill area.  This is a first part of the project called “Breath is Invisible”. You can see the works better and more closely at the artnet article by clicking here.

⬆️For your virtual gallery visit this week, I recommend 360° VR exhibition preview  at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill in London. The visit offered by Galleries Now invites you enjoy sculptures by John Chamberlain, Urs Fischer and Charles Ray.

🕷️And from the ARTnews archives I recommend you an interesting article about Louise Bourgeois and her spiders. Did you know she called her iconic insects Maman?

…aaand that is me in front of Maman in Bilbao 👉

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