Roy Lichtenstein

Bright bright colors on a dark dark 16th of December in Amsterdam
Unintentionally I started grouping art by seasons and Roy Lichtenstein’s (1923, New York – 1997, New York) exhibition “Lasting Influence” felt right – just like a warm ray of light on that winter morning with temperatures so close to zero.

Curated by Gianni Mercurio & Mirta d’Argenzio together with the founders of Moco Museum Lionel & Kim Logchies this Roy Lichtenstein exhibition is the first one in Amsterdam since the sixties.
Previously I have only seen his single works in different collections, so visiting Moco with half of museum rooms filled with his work was an important event for my curiosity. The prints I saw in other places were always displayed in spacious halls on wide white walls, here – in Moco they were arranged in separate, rather small rooms with walls painted yellow or blue, at times even metallic background which gave a feeling of walking into those recognizable DC comic strips from the sixties.

Apart from his best known Pop art icons like “Crying Girl”, there were series of “Brush Strokes” and “Imperfect Paintings”. This exhibition covered his work from the period where his style was already defined (from 1960’s) but it was nice to find photos of him taken by his friends photographers in which he appeared in all the periods of his creative life.

The exhibition will be on display in Amsterdam, Moco museum through the winter and until the 31st of May 2018
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