Hangar Bicocca

Ever since I heard about its opening in 2004, I wanted to visit this gigantic (10.900 square meters) space dedicated to contemporary art in Milan. My visit to Pirelli Hangar Bicocca got postponed on multiple occasions due to its distance from the city center. What a bad excuse…I know. It is located in the industrial area called Bicocca and the hangar itself used to be a heavy machinery factory before turning to an art space. And what an art space! Pirelli Hangar Bicocca is an art centre worth visiting even without knowing what is on. I am absolutely convinced that the space can improve or worsen art installation- this place definitely helps to show contemporary art without the limitations of space. In fact it can even overwhelm with its absence of limits.

The permanent exhibition at the Pirelli Hangar is otherworldly. One of the best ones i’ve seen. “The Seven Heavenly Palaces” is a gigantic site specific installation by a German artist Anselm Kiefer. The first part of it, consisting of seven “towers” was presented at the opening of Pirelli Hangar Bicocca and in 2015, five large-format paintings were added to it. It is about human history, going back to the legend of Babel, to the origins of the Cabala, alchemy and everything that surrounds it.

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¨Seven Heavenly Palaces¨
anselm kiefer, irelli hangar biccoca, art space, milan art,
Anselm Kiefer installation view

On the time of my visit there was an exhibition called “Remains” by a contemporary Indian artist Sheela Gowda and “CITTA DI MILANO” by an Italian artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò. Both of these exhibitions featured previously created works and site specific installations.

pirelli bicocca, milan art, contemporary art,
¨Remains¨ by Sheela Gowda
pirelli bicocca, woman artist, arte milano, art travel, art blog,
¨Remains¨ by Sheela Gowda

Outside spaces of the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca are also dedicated to art: there is a permanent sculpture at the entrance “La Sequenza”, 1981 by Fausto Melotti and the backyard “Outside The Cube” street art project which started in 2016 with a huge mural by Os Gemeos that can still be viewed currently.

andreotta, pirelli bicocca, contemporary art, art installation,
“CITTA DI MILANO” by Andreotta Calò
pirelli hangar biccoca, contemporary sculpture, art spaces,
“CITTA DI MILANO” by Andreotta Calò

For more information you can visit Pirelli Hangar Bicocca official website.

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¨La Sequenza¨ by Fausto Melotti
os gemeos, os gemeos milan, street art, vulcan salute, art blog,
Os Gemeos mural

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