The Guggenheim Museum is like a space ship that landed in Bilbao city in late 1997 and changed its life forever. The Basque Country of Northern Spain always had a very strong character. Its mysterious language which stayed alive for centuries is one of the proves.
However the city had complicated times as many other postindustrial cities during the 80s. All of that changed and improved in the best manners after the Guggenheim Museum opened twenty years ago.
This sculpture-like building was designed by American architect Frank Gehry and is one of his most famous works until now.
The museum’s permanent collection boasts names like Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor and Jenny Holzer between many others.

For me the museum itself was a main reason to visit. In the video I made, you can see how it’s silhouette reminds water waves – even the inside shapes, together with the art works, give the feeling of diving. “A Matter of Time” structures by Richard Serra were my favorite without a doubt. The possibility to walk around and inside the giant sculptures is difficult to beat and the emptiness of the hall that particular day made it even more ethereal.
The other two installations that a museum couldn’t be imagined without are the giant spider sculpture “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois just outside the building and a “Fog Sculpture #08025” by Fujiko Nakaya. It is my perfect dream come true to see two of them blend. In the second part of my video you can see how the spider looks surrounded by fog, but in reality it is even more “burtonesque”. Real beauty…

Louise Bourgeois, frank gehry, agneta mazonyte,
In the shadow of "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois
Richard serra, Guggenheim bilbao,
"The Matter of Time" by Richard Serra

For more information visit Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

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