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Lucifer, why this name? 
– It gradually became my name. Year by year, in different situations, people started calling me Lucifer. It used to happen after I had conversations with them… I guess this name might be a consequence of my way to analyze life. The way I dress added to this name change too. 

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How is your blog different from other men fashion blogs?
– Well, apart from the fact that my style is very different from the majority of men, I only show outfits and accessories that I really wear daily. Also, I am not an ambassador for any of the fashion brands.

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Do you have a dream outfit that is not in your wardrobe? 
Absolutely! I would be honoured to wear a full outfit created exclusively for me by the master of haute couture Christian Lacroix.

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What are the origins of Stained Jabot?
– It is born and inspired by our story. Agneta and me, two different generations, two different cultures, opposite sex, two different ways to perceive the world but with the strong desire to find a dialogue. Two different persons capable to develop thanks to the shared diversity. And so Stained Jabot is the portrait of this open dialogue. We found the way to build this bridge of communication through a passion that we have in common: an infinite curiosity for human creativity.

While scrolling through Stained Jabot Instagram I have noticed you wear extreme outfits on some occasions…
The truth is that I don’t see it so extreme at the moment of making a decision on what to wear. Of course, once I am out there I realize it is:) Partly it is due to the fact that I interpret gender in a less divisive way which strikes as disturbing to many people. On the other hand, even when I wear a tie and a well-made suit I already look extreme for the world that worships comfortable clothes.

It seems like you are only focused on very expensive garments at “Lucifer´s Wardrobe”…
– That is not entirely true because I like mixing exclusive fashion show pieces with more accessible sportswear brands and vintage pieces.

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How did you come up with a fashion blog?
-I didn´t wake up one morning and decide to do it. It is a consequence of the thirty years of experience I have in the fashion business. Most of my activity is always fashion related. I experienced many aspects of working in fashion: starting with illustrations for creative houses and magazines, designing clothes for small and large brands, working as an art director for a fashion magazine and teaching fashion at the university.

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How does men fashion, arts, and wunderkammer relate in Stained Jabot?
Wunderkammer is the word that joins the first two subjects. Agneta and I both have this “natural philosopher-scientist” approach to everything around us while trying to understand the relationship between nature and spirit. Men fashion and arts are our main subjects right now. Creativity as an expression of the soul, in general, is something crucial for Stained Jabot. We love creativity in other people and also to experiment with it ourselves.

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What does fashion mean to you?
-Fashion is the infinite field of exploration for me, where sociology, psychology and history collide. Also, I believe that fashion is able to bring the knowledge of the social and environmental issues to the masses while using  lightness of its aesthetics.

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Do you see fashion as a tool to become someone or a means of expression for the real you?
-Both. With fashion, you can create a character, become who you are not or aspire to be and play with that. Also, you can express your temporary moods, repel or attract certain people, and transmit who you are with your constant style in case you are not interested in experimenting with it.

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What do you expect to achieve with “Lucifer´s Wardrobe” blog?
– I would like to inspire people to find their individuality and not to be afraid of doing so only because the society is slow to accept it. And you can start it with a simple act of experimenting with your appearances. 

Agneta, is this your real name?
– Yes, it is. I am 100% Agneta with 50% of Stained Jabot in me.
Where are you coming from, Agneta?
– Let me answer with a song:

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Where does your love of art come from?
– I grew up hearing beautiful stories related to art and culture. Art was always around thanks to women in my family: my grandmother had a business in antique dealing which I always found fascinating and my mother is an interior decorator between loads of other creative activities that she has. The truth is that they gave me more knowledge about art than about housekeeping:) 

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What is Stained Jabot? And why is it stained?
– Stained Jabot as a title is a metaphor. It is about the beauty of imperfection.

Why do you think that art is still important?
-How can I not think so? It was, is and will always be important. Not to every single person of course. Art is the most beautiful way for people to express their feelings and it is amazing to see in how many different ways those feelings can be expressed.

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How and why did you come up with the art-traveling part of Stained Jabot?
– Thanks to the short time we have been sharing our photos and videos in (@stainedjabot and @in_agnetas_sight) Instagram, I understood that people enjoy discovering places and artists through my sight too. This way the decision to go on with art-traveling part became very easy.

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Who helps you to produce the contents while developing Stained Jabot? 
– Thanks to Lucifer´s experience as an art director and illustrator, as well as my studies of photography and at film school, we are able to make and do everything ourselves: from the website aesthetics with original hand-drawings instead of vectors, to the photos, texts, and videos that we enjoy making even though there is never enough time to produce all that we wish.

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And how did Stained Jabot start?
-It started when I met Lucifer three years ago and unexpectedly realized that we have a very similar point of view on many of the subjects that we talk about in Stained Jabot. We decided to immerse ourselves into creativity full time. For me it was a turning point in life, a jump into the unknown as I left the usual routine and traditional job at the company.

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Which are the cities of Stained Jabot activities?
– Currently, we move between Rome, Milan, Barcelona, and London. But creative collaborations can take us anywhere. Fortunately, the distances in Europe are not too long and it is not necessary to focus on one place only.

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Could you comment on your obvious fascination with the occult and magic?
-It was present in my life since the early teenage years and I still love it. I guess Agneta never fully grew up… and does not want to. I believe in magic and enjoy the game of symbols. Of course, I also understand that for some people it brings diverse emotions due to their personal experiences or simply because of the believes someone projected towards them. For me the occult is mystic and magic. It makes one see things from different angles.

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And  you don´t  find it scary to work together with a person called Lucifer?
-You see, it is the same as with the occult: it is scary if you do not understand and do not try to understand the meaning of this name. If you quickly search the origin of the name “Lucifer”, you will find out that it derives from the “light bringer”. But not everyone wants to see things clearly therefore they demonize the one trying to do it. I find it enriching to discover and see things in different light, and the whole “devilish” touch to his image only makes it more interesting.

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Can you share a secret about Lucifer?
– Mmm… I am not sure if that is still a secret but he sleeps in a coffin and drinks 20 cappuccinos per day…